November 2013

Making Slime at ALC

Story and Photos by Khristen Massic

In Mrs. Massic's Materials and Processes class, students made two types of slime. First, they experimented with combining polymers and cross-linkers. Then they combined hot water soluble polyvinyl alcohol bags and a borax solution. Students added in food-safe dyes, turning the slimes all different colors.

Mr. Dougan's Lightning Machine

Story by Anna Palmer, Photos by Richard Dougan

In Mr. Dougan's computer classes, students saw with their own eyes how electricity travels without wires -- wireless electricity. When a lightning machine is touched, electricity becomes grounded giving it a path of least resistance to travel through. This process shows how information can be sent through air, or in other words, how electricity travels wirelessly. 

Mr. Dougan

Story by Anna Palmer, Photos by Brandon Arnold

Mr. Richard Dougan, our computer and network technician teacher, is in his second year of teaching at ALC. Born in Salt Lake City, Mr. Dougan grew up in Nevada, but has also lived in Hawaii, South Dakota, Wisconsin and England. He and his wife of thirty-four years, Elizabeth, have three boys and currently reside in Spanish Fork.

Materials & Processes Lab

Story and Pictures by Khristen Massic

Recently in our Materials and Processes class, Mrs. Massic assisted her students in conducting the lab, "Glass Bead on a Wire". 

Humanities 1010 Creative Projects

Story and Photos by Karen Wilcox

During the first week of class, Humanities 1010 students were assigned a creative project. First, students decided which art form they would like to work with. Possibilities included writing a poem, short story, or one-act play; drawing or painting a picture; composing, performing, and/or recording a short piece of music; sculpting in clay, wood, soap or metal; or whatever medium they chose.

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