November 2017

Spring Registration Dates for UVU and Weber

Shelley Heaton, Ronda Hair

Here is the Spring Registration dates for UVU and Weber as well as the links.

Now is the time to start registration for Concurrent enrollment.  

Weber link


Shelley Heaton- Ronda Hair

ALC Penny Wars have begun.   Our goal is to raise $250 to buy an “ALC 2017-2018” brick in support of the Gail S. Halvorsen Aviation Education Center at the Spanish Fork Airport.  We are so excited that Spanish Fork is honoring one of their own with this new Aviation Center. With our new Aviation Program here at the ALC, the students and faculty want to be a part of this awesome bit of history.


Shelley Heaton

We were so surprised to see a familiar face today. Our Principal from last year, Mr. Wade Tischner came by to say hello while he is home in between one of his training sessions. He leaves for another one on Monday.

He graduated WOSC and WOBC recently in Virgina. He will be deployed to the Middle East in March.

What a fitting day to be visited by this amazing man.....on the day we are celebrating Veterans day at our school.

It was so cute to see how happy his darling, little, daughter Lizzy was to have her dad home. 


Shelley Heaton, Ronda Hair

The Advanced Learning Center was very privileged today to have a guest speaker, Pilot Major Ryan Mundy, in conjunction with Veterans Day.

Major Mundy is an Apache Helicopter pilot. He talked to the students about the steps it has taken him to get to where he is now. He talked to them about the schooling he took to get to be a Major, and then he talked and showed slides of his many of his adventures. 

I know the students enjoyed this experience. 

 Special thanks to Ronda Hair for arranging this for our students 

Engineering Capstone Needs Your Opinions

Khristen Massic

Engineering Capstone Needs Your Opinions. Please go to this link and fill this out for our students.

Harry Potter Nebo Afterschool Program- Lights On Event

Shelley Heaton

The Nebo Afterschool Program held their Lights On Event on Monday, November 6th at the ALC Building.

It was a Harry Potter themed night and brought lots of wizards and muggles in for a night of fun and magic.

The Afterschool Program Coordinators from 8 different schools in the Nebo School District, all came together to host this event.   


Shelley Heaton, Annette Pukahi

This is a very special week here at the ALC as we are holding our College Application Week. We will acquaint all our students with the importance of preparing and going to college throughout the week.

A college education is a key to your future, which can be anything from a one-year certificate to a four-year degree and beyond.We will have tables set up in our main hallway with college materials for anyone to look at and take home

The schedule of events for our College Week is as follows:

Visitors and Story telling in ALC History Classes

Shelley Heaton. Photos by Cici Keetch

Recently the History classes here at the ALC had some people from history visit. These visitors gave stories and details of their lives. Some were quite elaborately dressed for their time period.

They also had a week of storytelling where different groups told their version of history with whatever props they had on hand. 

It was fun to see the creativeness the students used in recreating History.


Psychology Sensory Day

Shelley Heaton. Pictures by Cici Keetch

If you were to walk through the halls here at the ALC, you would very likely hear excitement and learning coming from Mrs. Keetch's classroom.  There is always something going on in her classes.

Recently Mrs. Keeetch's Psychology classes held a " Sensory Day". There were different stations set up around the room targeting different sensory stimulators. The students had fun learning and walked away from the "Sensory Day" with a different perspective on how things work.

We are very lucky to have Cici Keetch here along with her fun way of learning.


Shelley Heaton, Preston Powell. 3D drawing Mr. Powells Digital Media Class

Every year Mr. Powell's 3D Graphic students model, texture and carve pumpkins and place them in a spooky scene to be lit and rendered. This project teaches students how to work in a 3D production pipeline, going from concept to completion. This was a fun project and best of all no pumpkin guts to clean up.

The featured pictures are provided by the following students:

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