December 2017

Merry Christmas from the ALC

Shelley Heaton -

Wishing you and your family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at the ALC. 


Shelley Heaton

 The front office was given a very special Christmas Gift this afternoon. Mr. Albright's Teacher Education Class came into the office Christmas Caroling. They came with bell accompaniment and angelic voices. 

 Thank you for this beautiful gift. You are all amazing!







Guest Visitors Teach Mr. Albrights Class

Shelley Heaton- Pictures by Alan Albright

If you want to see the excitement in learning, just visit Mr. Alan Albrights Education Classes. It doesn't matter what day he has classes, there is ALWAYS something fun going on. 

Mr. Albright has guest speakers come in and give their insight of learning and teaching. The students recently had Mrs. Beyal and also Mrs. McKee come visit this month. 

They have learned many valuable lessons that will help them in their interactions, not only in class but in life.

Ms. Grants Class Take To the Microscopes for Answers

Shelley Heaton. Pictures by Natalie Grant

Ms. Grants Medical Forensics class pulled out the microscopes yesterday to see if they could determine what was on their wet mount slides in order to give their deduction for their Medical Forensics unit.

The students were very engaged. It was a great activity that they all seemed to enjoy. Ms. Grant is very good to keep her students engaged in learning. Thank you for giving your students hands-on learning! 


Shelley Heaton, Photos by Ronda Hair

The ALC Aviation Classes attended Payson High School yesterday to join other aviation students to learn more about the aviation programs at SUU. The SUU flight instructors were there to showcase one of their Helicopters and to explain and answer any questions.  It was a very enlighting experience for all who attended.






Shelley Heaton

With Christmas just around the bend, you may wonder if you are on the Naughty OR Nice list.

 Santa has made a temporary residence at the ALC while he gets ready for his big night next week. So if you are wondering if you have made the list, it is posted and easy to see from his window.

ALC will NOT hold classes on December 21

Shelley Heaton- Annette pukahi

 With the Christmas Break coming up, we just wanted to let students and parents know that ALC will NOT hold classes on December 21st because it's a half day.

Also when we return from Christmas Break on Jan. 2, 2018, it will be a "A" day. And we will have all classes at the ALC that day. 



Provo Bomb Squad called to the ALC for insight from the Robotics class

Shelley Heaton- Eddy Rawlings

The ALC was humming with excitement from the Robotics department yesterday. Provo City Bomb Squad,  Sergeant Drew Hubbard, and Sam Sorensen brought their Bomb Squad robots for the ALC Robotics students to brainstorm and figure out how to make the scope on the rifle of the Robots gain movement, up and down and side to side, zoom in and out, yet still retain the accuracy of the laser points. The discussion was very interesting to be a part of.

UVU Aviation High School Day

Shelley Heaton, Mark Halls

A few of Mr. Halls Aviation students, along with Mr. Halls attended the UVU Aviation day.

The students had a lot of fun and were able to do some hands-on activities with paper airplanes and simulators. They had the Candy Bomber, Gail Halverson, at the event and the students were happy to meet him as well. 

HUGE "THANK YOU"  Mark Halls for all of the time and effort you put into your Aviation Classes.


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