Building Beginnings Documentary

Shelley Heaton. Ronda Hair

ALC students, Tyler Austin, Isaac Hodson and Jesse Garcia, completed a mini documentary for Building Beginnings and Division of Workforce Services.  

Building Beginnings is a nonprofit organization designed to help those in recovery from drugs and alcohol.  They provide employment, transportation to work, case management, affordable housing, and out-patient treatment  for those dedicated to staying sober, working hard, and supporting the team.  This documentary will be used by the company to promote their non-profit efforts and by DWS to demonstrate the success of the business to encourage other business owners to work towards a similar approach to highering. 

This Documentary recently won 3rd place in The Utah High School Film Festival.


Special Thanks to Brett Griffiths, Ryan Hymas, Nic Carrol, Lynette Zeeman, & Jennifer Webster for taking time to be interviewed.  Thank you to Ronda Hair for arranging all of this.

Here is the Link to the Documentary:

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