Shelley Heaton

Tuesday, March 7th, The ALC hosted a Jr. High Day fieldtrip. This was a great opportunity for any Jr. High aged Student in the Nebo School District to attend the ALC and learn more about the classes offered and what that class may entail.

It was a busy, fun day. It always such a fun day for us to host! 

The students are so excited to come and the instructors have fun "showing off" what their classes have to offer. 

REMINDER: It is now registration time, so if your student attended an was interested in any of our classes, please feel free to call the ALC @ 801-489-2833.

We would love to help you get scheduled to meet with our counselor, Annette Pukahi, who can assist you in getting those classes registered for the 2017- 2018 school year.

Thank you to all of the Jr. High Students who attended. We enjoyed your company for the day!