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Medical Terminology Students Hard at Work

Submitted by khristen.massic on Wed, 04/13/2016 - 10:56
Natalie Grant

Medical terminology students have been using various methods to understand and commit to memory the medical terms that will be necessary for a career in the medical profession. Students have played games like "Banagrams" and "Scrabble" to practice and apply their skills. Picture here, students are working together to learn terms for the Integumentary System.  

Medical Terminology is a one-semester course that helps students to understand the Greek- and Latin-based language of medicine and healthcare.
Emphasis is placed upon word roots, suffixes, prefixes, abbreviations, symbols, anatomical terms, and terms associated with movements of the human 
body. This course also stresses the proper pronunciation, spelling, and usage of medical terminology. This class is helpful to anyone considering going into 
the healthcare field. Students are highly encouraged to participate in HOSA (a student organization for future health professionals) for even greater