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Our Distance Learning Ladies

Submitted by anna.palmer on Thu, 02/06/2014 - 13:05
Story by Anna Palmer, Photos by Brandon Arnold
Gay and Karen
Gaye Cook
Karen Wilcox

We have two of the best Distance Learning Facilitators at ALC. They assist the 100+ students who are taking Concurrent Enrollment classes through live-interactive broadcasts from UVU. (Left to Right: Gaye, Karen)

Gaye Cook

Gaye Cook was born and raised in the quiet town of Fairview, Utah. She spent some of her growing up years in California. Gaye has been working for the Nebo School District for fifteen years and in her current position as Distance Learning Facilitator for thirteen years.

Gaye now lives in Spanish Fork with her husband of forty-five years. They raised their six children in California, Georgia and Utah. Twenty-three grandchildren round out their family. One interesting anecdote she relates, “. . . while in Georgia, we enjoyed the southern hospitality and my children learned to say ‘yes, ma’am’ and ‘no, ma’am’.  I loved it, but when we moved back to Utah and they addressed their teachers that way, they were asked not to. They quickly gave up the southern politeness.  I was sad.”

Gaye’s co-worker friends and the ALC students are her favorite part about working at ALC. Gaye says, “I love my job because I really enjoy the students and the attainable challenges they achieve.”

When not at ALC, we might find Gaye gardening, reading, riding bikes, or organizing closets. She really enjoys cooking for her family and large groups – and everyone here knows what a fabulous cook she is!

Karen Wilcox

Karen Wilcox was born and raised in Southern California. She has worked for the Nebo School District as a Distance Learning Facilitator for nine years. Karen and her husband live on Salem Pond with two of their five children. They are the proud grandparents of five.

The thing that drives Karen in her position is helping the students achieve their academic goals. She says, “They are all so proud at the end of every semester. You can just hear them saying, ‘I did it!’” Karen’s favorite part about working at ALC is interacting with the students. She says, “It is such a pleasure to learn about each student’s life, dreams and goals. Each one is very special and unique.”

When not at ALC, you may find Karen planning a party or get together for her family. She loves to celebrate holidays and find excuses to decorate and have fun. She also loves to travel, camp, and soak up the sun.

All of Karen’s eligible children have taken advantage of the Distance Education program. Karen says, “If all the classes I have facilitated, counted for my own college credit, people could call me Dr. Wilcox.”