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Submitted by shelley.heaton on Thu, 02/20/2020 - 15:44
Shelley Heaton. Photos by Ronda Hair

The ALC students were honored to have a presentation today by Mr. Van Twelves. Not only is his name cool, what he does for a living, and what he has accomplished, is as well.

Van Twelves has worked as a mechanical engineer in Manufacturing Engineering in the aerospace industry for nearly 40 years. For the last 30 years he worked for a turbine engine company. He is currently working with a start-up on a light airplane incorporating a suite of advanced safety features.  his work in the conceptual design discipline led to his interest in learning how to create idea generation tools and how to run effective brainstorming sessions.

He has a bachelor's degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology and has a master's degree in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from Brigham Young University. He holds 63 patents addressing experimental pulse detonation engines and design for additive manufacturing.

Van shared several amazing stories with the students including the biggest challenges of his career. he also enjoyed sharing some of the changes in equipment and technology he has seen during his career. He has worked with NASA in the past.

He currently is the Design Engineer at Pratt & Whitney in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

He presented today to the students to share what he has learned about effective problem-solving. This is a must-have trait for students to have a knowledge of in order to progress in their future jobs and professional endeavors.

Thank you, Mr. Van Twelves, for taking time out of your busy schedule to teach and mentor our students here at the ALC. We were very fortunate to have you spend the afternoon with us.

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