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Submitted by shelley.heaton on Wed, 08/28/2019 - 12:43
Shelley Heaton

Welcome Back to the ALC!!!


We are so happy to have you here at the ALC.  This last week has been busy starting classes, getting admitted and registered for concurrent enrollment, meeting new friends and figuring out where we are supposed to be.  Since it is the beginning of a new year, we just want to remind both students and parents about the policies and procedures that are to be followed while attending our school. 


***If you are scheduled for an Internship or an Online class and not taking regular

ALC classes please disregard this email***



 Nebo School District has set policies that we at the ALC follow and abide by. 

For specific information about Nebo School District’s policies, please refer to the following link:  We also support each of the five high schools with their individual policies.  We expect all students to act professionally and follow ALC and their high school guidelines.  Please read the following information as it will help assure that your student has a successful experience here at the ALC.


When Nebo School District has an A/B day or a District ½ day, we do not hold classes here at the ALC due to busing.  Students should follow their home high school schedule for these days.  September 16th will be our first half day, no classes will be held at the ALC this day.

REMINDER FOR LIVE INTERACTIVE COURSES:  If you are taking a Live Interactive course you will follow the UVU calendar on these days not the Nebo School District calendar.


Attendance at the ALC is very important, and students are expected to be in class every day.  The majority of classes held at the ALC receive college credit (Concurrent Enrollment), making it imperative that you are attending your classes.  If an absence or a tardy need to be excused, please contact the ALC at 801-489-2833 and press #2 for attendance.  If you need to excuse your student from their home high school, please inform ALC attendance and they can excuse your home high school.  Please note, attendance will not do this unless you ask them to do so.  If a student misses more than 5 days in a term, a parent/teacher conference may be requested to evaluate if the ALC is an appropriate place for your student.  Please communicate any concerns to the student’s teacher or the ALC School Counselor.


ALC and your home school counselors have agreed that your college courses come before assemblies, school events, and other school activities.  You must inform your home school administrators & teachers, in the event of an assembly or activity, that you are excused to travel to the ALC.


Students are required to check-in if they arrive late to the ALC, this can be done in the main office before heading to class.  Students also need to be checked out by a parent/guardian before leaving class early to avoid being marked as an unexcused absence.  Students will need to sign out in the main office before leaving.


If your student signed up for CE, either with Utah Valley University (UVU) or Weber State University (WSU), there are deadlines to follow if dropping or withdrawing from a course.  Remember that if a student withdraws from his high school class that does not mean they have withdrawn from the college side.  Students will need to go onto the University concurrent enrollment website and drop courses.  The following links will direct you to deadlines for concurrent enrollment for UVU and WSU.


WSU: (scroll to the bottom)

Please note that admission deadlines for both universities are coming up, last day to be admitted to UVU is this Friday, August 30th and WSU is September 6th.


Please dress appropriately and follow the guidelines set forth by the district and your home high school.  For more information please click the dress code link:


Students parking at the ALC should park in the parking lot on the West side of the building.  The East side parking lot is primarily used for ALC faculty and district trucks and/or traffic for the warehouse. Students should not be parking in the stalls close to the building in the front or east side as this is for faculty, staff and visitors.

We are so looking forward to another awesome year here at the ALC!

Thank you,

Natalie Grant

School Counselor - ALC
(801) 489-2833