Mrs. Gurley

Story by Anna Palmer

Mrs. Sherri Gurley is ALC's English 1010 (CE) teacher. She was born in Provo, then after four years raised in Spokane, Washington. Four more years later, her family moved back to Utah. She currently resides with her husband of thirty-two years in Payson, Utah. Mrs. Gurley is mother to three children and grandmother to six.

Mrs. Gurley came into teaching in a round about way. She relates an experience during her undergraduate years at USU. One day while walking across campus, she realized how tired she was of going to school. She had earned her LPN and was on her way to becoming a nurse. When she realized she had enough credits for a Health major and only needed twenty-five more credits to earn a minor in English, she went after the chance to become a teacher.


During Mrs. Gurley's thirty-four years in the Nebo District, she has taught Health, English, Reading, and Social Studies. The majority of her teaching years have been spent teaching at Payson Junior High (and the previous Payson Middle School). Mrs. Gurley also taught English for twelve years as adjunct faculty at UVU (English 1010, 2010 and 2020). Her favorite subject overall? Health, hands down.


When asked her favorite thing about teaching, Mrs. Gurley said, "I love every day I'm in the classrom. I hate every day I'm not." 


Mr. Ashton, ALC's principal remarked, "Sherri is great teacher who cares about each of her students.  She works hard to make sure each of them have opportunities to be successful.  Sherri has been a great mentor for younger teachers and and has played a great part in the success of ALC."  We are so happy to have such a wonderful and experienced teacher as Mrs. Gurley at ALC.