Robotics class enter the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest

Shelley Heaton. Eddy Rawlings
Our Robotics class at the ALC entered the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest that involved problem-solving and community support. This is what the process entailed:
1- Our idea was to create a Search and Rescue Team 
2- Robotics would build a robot to enter dangerous areas or buildings to survey the area for people and damages.
3- Emergency Medical Response students would set up a triage to treat injured individuals.
4- Aviation class to operate a Transportation Drone; to survey the area and transport small medical packets, radios, and information.
Our entry won the top 5 in the State, and we won a 10 inch Galaxy Tablet. 
Our entry didn't win the second round as #1 in the State, which would have given us $20,000, to develop our idea and team.
It was a great experience to organize and collaborate teams, and have the student create an idea to help our community.
Maybe next year!!!
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