High School Counselors take a tour of the ALC

Submitted by preston.powell on Sat, 11/17/2012 - 00:30

During this months collaboration meeting, our districts high school counselors met to tour the Advanced Learning Center. The counselors were able to see firsthand the labs where students have the opportunity to progress beyond high school levels in college subjects, including computer science, film, digital media, animation, robotics, engineering and advanced health sciences. Throughout the tour, the counselors were able to learn how to best prepare students for classes at the ALC, namely by encouraging them to apply themselves in math, sciences and the arts. Our students are working hard and are doing a great job at the ALC. We appreciate their counselors and the services they provide.

ALC students carve 3D Jack O' Lanterns

Submitted by preston.powell on Fri, 11/02/2012 - 15:59

Last week students in Mr. Powell's 3D Graphics and Animation class created 3D Jack O' Lanterns in blender software. They used their modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering skills to achieve the desired look for their ghastly creations. The results were spooky! Jack O' Lantern faces ranged from traditional to video game characters. The purpose of the exercise was to introduce the students to organic model techniques. While organic modeling can be difficult the students jumped right in and did a great job!