Mrs. Gurley

Submitted by anna.palmer on Fri, 12/06/2013 - 13:24

Mrs. Sherri Gurley is ALC's English 1010 (CE) teacher. She was born in Provo, then after four years raised in Spokane, Washington. Four more years later, her family moved back to Utah. She currently resides with her husband of thirty-two years in Payson, Utah. Mrs. Gurley is mother to three children and grandmother to six.

Mrs. Gurley came into teaching in a round about way. She relates an experience during her undergraduate years at USU. One day while walking across campus, she realized how tired she was of going to school. She had earned her LPN and was on her way to becoming a nurse. When she realized she had enough credits for a Health major and only needed twenty-five more credits to earn a minor in English, she went after the chance to become a teacher.


Story by Anna Palmer

ALC's New Counselor

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Annette Pukahi comes to us after five years as UVU's Academic Advisor in Concurrent Enrollment. Annette grew up in the greater Seattle area and then attended college at BYU-Hawaii where she met her husband.  She received her bachelor's degree from BYU-Hawaii and worked as an Academic Advisor there for four years. Annette and her husband moved to Utah in 2000. They have four children and reside in Orem. While working at UVU, Annette was awarded "Specialty Advisor of the Year - 2011" and completed her master's degree at the University of Phoenix. We are lucky to have Annette here at ALC. Welcome!

Story by Anna Palmer

Making Slime at ALC

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In Mrs. Massic's Materials and Processes class, students made two types of slime. First, they experimented with combining polymers and cross-linkers. Then they combined hot water soluble polyvinyl alcohol bags and a borax solution. Students added in food-safe dyes, turning the slimes all different colors.

Story and Photos by Khristen Massic

Mr. Dougan's Lightning Machine

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In Mr. Dougan's computer classes, students saw with their own eyes how electricity travels without wires -- wireless electricity. When a lightning machine is touched, electricity becomes grounded giving it a path of least resistance to travel through. This process shows how information can be sent through air, or in other words, how electricity travels wirelessly. 

Story by Anna Palmer, Photos by Richard Dougan