ALC Students Swept State!

Submitted by anna.palmer on Tue, 05/27/2014 - 10:52

Students taking I.T. Challenge tests were recognized with awards based on test score comparisons across the state. ALC students received the following awards:

1st Place for Adobe Photoshop CS6 - Chandler Harris

1st Place for MTA Windows Server - Levi Madsen

1st Place for MTA Security - 3-way tie
Devyn Cyphers, Travis Heffelfinger, and Andrew Rollins

1st Place for MTA Networking - Levi Madsen
2nd Place for MTA Networking - Michael Elzinga

1st Place for MTA Operating Systems - Levi Madsen
3rd Place for MTA Operating Systems - Michael Elzinga

Congratulations to all ALC award recipients! 

Utah Digital Media Arts Festival

Submitted by anna.palmer on Thu, 05/15/2014 - 13:15

ALC Digital Media students participated in the Utah Digital Media Arts Festival May 6th. The festival received around 300 submissions from around the state. Four ALC students placed in three categories. We congratulate each of these students on their award-winning entries! View the entries below.

3D Animation
2nd Place - Devin Eggleston "Troubled Skies"

Digital Video
2nd Place - Tucker Lund "Don't Be a Target"
3rd Place - Ruth Everett "Youth”

2D Animation
3rd Place - Tyler Anderton "Shields?!"