Flowers For the Fun of It

Submitted by shelley.heaton on Thu, 04/21/2022 - 14:26

What girl doesn't love to get flowers?

Well, yesterday and today was the perfect day for a lot of our students, because our Principal Bart Peery was handing out flowers to each girl as they left the school. (Some gf the boys even took one to take home to their mom.)

A lot of them asked, " What is the Special Occasion?"   Well, the occasion was that Mr. Peery thought it would be nice to give flowers out for no other reason, than just for the fun of it.

The smiles that came as a result of this was totally worth it!! 

Way to Go, Mr. Peery


Shelley Heaton


Lung Dissection's At the ALC

Submitted by shelley.heaton on Thu, 04/21/2022 - 11:02

Students in Anatomy and Physiology were able to dissect lungs. 

The lungs don't look like much just laying on the table, but when inflated they become pink and spongy. 

Students had a great time exploring the lungs, especially blowing the lungs up!   Students also got to see the heart, diaphragm and liver.  This is called a lung pluck. 

Thanks to Brian Blake for bringing in these organs. The students had a great time exploring.  

Thank you to Ms. Hartvigsen for arranging such an intriguing hands- on learning activity for our students.


Shelley Heaton, Suzette Hartvigsen

SkillsUSA Auto Collision Refinish Winners - Advanced Learning Center

Submitted by amy.ewell on Fri, 04/15/2022 - 16:53

The Advanced Learning Center Collision repair class recently competed in the Utah Leadership & Skills Conference. They were able to take four students to compete in the SkillsUSA contest. Seth Christmas (Maple Mountain) and Erik Kallaker(Springville) competed in Collision repair technology. Brady Olsen (Spanish Fork) and Ethan Mower (Salem) competed in the automotive refinishing competition.

Chet Harmer, Chris Poole, McKay Ewell