Robots Dance At the ALC

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We're thrilled to share that one of our courses, "Teaching as a Profession," led by the dedicated and dynamic Laurie Hansen, recently treated students to a unique, fun, and hands-on learning experience.

With the help of robots from UVU’s Creative Learning Studio, the future educators in Ms. Hansen's class got a glimpse into the possibilities of technology in education. They had the opportunity to design algorithms and choreograph robot dances, blending creativity with technical skills in an immersive learning environment.

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This month, we are shining the spotlight on a crucial part of our school support team - our school counselors. School counselors play an integral role in ensuring that our students have excellent educational experiences. Their roles go beyond academics, providing essential social-emotional support to our students.

As part of the school support team, our counselors offer critical assistance to students in various areas, assisting in their personal growth and preparing them for future success. Through a comprehensive school counseling program, they promote achievement for all students, helping set them on a path for postsecondary success.

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Advanced Architecture: Urban Planning Session

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Students in the advanced architecture class are currently studying a section on urban planning. Several guest lecturers have been meeting with the students.

Dr. Ralph from Washington State zoomed in to talk to the students about her career in Urban Planning. 

Another guest speaker they had come and share her knowledge with the students was Shauna Talbot. Shauna is a city planner for Nephi City. She came with a whole detailed city made with Legos that she had made in advance before coming so the students had an actual visual.

Thank you to both of these ladies for taking time out to help our students learn .

Students will be building a model city to collaborate with the drone class to help them with simulating drone emergency response.

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