Grip Tape Challenge Winners Each Receive $500

Submitted by amy.ewell on Thu, 06/09/2022 - 18:15
Dennis, Jake and Sam

Nine ALC CAPS students were recently selected to participate in the GripTape Learning Challenge in Mrs. Ewell's Business & Media Production Capstone class.  Students were awarded $500 each to pursue something they're passionate about learning.  Students will also be mentored by Griptape for a 10-week period to support them in seizing control of their own learning. 

Several students previously earned this grant including McKay Ewell (4k drone) and Akaysha Murphy (cosmetology supplies).  All total our Business CAPS students have received $5500 to pursue their learning!

ALC students are using their funds to pursue a variety of learning opportunities:

  • Jake Clark - Laser Engraver
  • Sam Hiatt - Drop Ship Site Creation
  • Sterling Shoemaker - Photo Equipment
  • Dennis Stuprich - Electric Guitar
  • Kyle Campbell - Bagpipe
  • Garrett Anderson - Design Software/Computer
  • Maddux Howard - Career/Political Interest Books
  • Brenner Shepherd - Music Production Equipment
  • Spencer Fillmore - Design Software/Computer

A huge thank you to GripTape for allowing our ALC students to Explore, Discover, Create and Be Curious!

Amy Ewell