Thank You to Our ALC Bus Drivers

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We just wanted to give a huge " SHOUT OUT" to the Bus Drivers that transport our ALC students to and from, their home high schools.

We appreciate all you do.

 Thank you to:  

11- F Gary Wride

11 E- Cal Brindley

21 F- Kami Scott

14 D- Paul Brown

19 B- Janet Smith

15 J- Dan Tucker

21 H- Brad Taylor

14G- Brenda Davis

19 I- Todd Fulton

21 C Todd Spencer

05 C- James Walker

21 J- David Conrad


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October- ALC Students of the Month

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We are so excited to be recognizing our ALC students of the month now.

Each month, three of our ALC teachers will be selecting two students from their classes that have exemplified the qualities of what a student at the ALC can, and does possess.

For the month of October, Mr. Adam Barlow from the Engineering Department, Mr. Parker Bowman, from the Manufacturing Department,  and Ms. Adriane Wilson, from the Architecture Department were asked to select two students.

These students are as follows:

Nominated by- Mr. Barlow- Engineering:

Shelley Heaton

Visit from USU Aviation

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The aviation  classes have had some amazing guests visiting their classes this past month.

On  the 30th of  September, members from the Utah State Aviation Department came to visit the Aviation

Parker Rollins, Heather Barstow, and Shalyn Drake told the students about their experiences in the Professional Pilot and Drone programs at Utah State at the Logan and Price

The students were able to ask questions about the programs, and the UAS (Drones) class were able to fly drones in the parking lot.

Also, on the 5th and 6th of  October, Lee Roberts, a Retired SkyWest pilot, came to speak to the Aviation classes about his experiences flying for many aviation companies.

Tammy Olsen, Shelley Heaton



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Just wanted to remind students that this Thursday and Friday Oct. 13th and 14th is Fall Break.

There will be NO classes held. 

ALSO- The District P/C Comp Day will be Oct. 17th so there will be no classes that day as well. 

School will resume on Tuesday, October 18th and it will be a "B" day schedule.

Enjoy your long weekend and we will see you Tuesday.

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College Application Week is in Full Swing

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The ALC College Application week is in full swing this week.

 Ms. Grant has gone to a lot of work to ensure that the seniors here at the ALC will be well informed with information about colleges.

 There are tables set up across the front entry of the school, with S.W.A.G. and information for all students. 

 Ms. Grant, will be going into your student's English 1010 classes on Thursday Oct. 6th and Friday Oct. 7th

(make sure you are in class to receive your packet of information) to encourage seniors to fill out applications for college and apply for FAFSA & scholarships.

The high school will have their FAFSA nights:

-Maple Mountain High School – Monday, Oct. 3rd – 5-7pm

Shelley Heaton

Career Night October 10th at the ALC

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There will be several Career Nights throughout the year at the ALC.

The focus this month will be both Engineering and Mechatronics careers and majors. Come find out more about these two very interesting fields!!

Career Nights   Explore the possibilities! Discover possible careers, promising jobs, and earning potential. Visit with UVU professors, students, and staff.

                10 October: Engineering and Mechatronics

                28 November: Architecture and Business

                23 January: Aviation and Criminal Justice

                6 March: Automotive and Construction management

                24 April: Computer Science and Digital Media

Shelley Heaton. Ronda Hair

Criminal Scene Investigation at the ALC

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The Criminal Justice/ Investigations class  had a fun and interesting activity last week.

For the activity the students were introduced to a small crime scene in which the students had to find pieces of evidence.

Some information concerning crimes scenes are as follows:

Police actions at a crime scene fall into four categories: safety issues, preserving the crime scene, collecting evidence, and documenting the situation. There are a lot of things that are critically important must be completed in the early minutes of the crime response.

Shelley Heaton, Kris Johnson

PBS Utah Storyteller 30th Annual Reading Marathon

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Want to Host Your Own Mini Reading Marathon?

PBS Utah is excited to offer support to small communities outside of Salt Lake County!

We want to help you promote the love of reading in your community. 

Libraries, schools, and non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply for support to host their own Mini Reading Marathon. Support ranges from $100-500.

Lana Hiskey