Abi Hickman made it work!

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It wasn’t until the end of Abi’s junior year at Salem High School that she heard about ALC and Distance Learning.

Abi had met all the requirements for high school graduation, during her junior year, so she asked her counselor how she could earn college credits.  Because she was a cheerleader, with early morning practices, and because of the distance, Abi lives in West Mountain and ALC, (Advanced Learning Center) is in Springville, her counselor wasn’t sure she could make taking classes at ALC work.  Abi was determined however and has earned 18 credits in her senior year towards her educational goals.

What makes her story very remarkable is that, due to some health issues, she had to rely on the UTA bus system, with the help of a UVU bus pass, and she only missed 1 snow day, that’s perfect attendance! We, her facilitators, think she is remarkable!

Thank you Abi for the dedication you have shown.  We wish you the very best and expect nothing less from you.

Gaye and Karen
facilitators for Distance Learning

Gaye Cook, Karen Wilcox