ALC Film Students take 1st & 2nd Place!

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The students of ALC Films took home both 1st and 2nd place at this year's Kick Butts Anti-Tobacco Commercial competition. The contest was sponsored by the Utah County Department of Health and was open to any student in Utah County. The event was held at the Provo Towne Center, March 19th.

The 2nd place video was made by Tucker Lund, Jen Baker, Kyle Nielsen, and Braxton Johnson. They were awarded $300 and free tickets to "Divergent". 

The 1st place video was made by Sy Phommabouth, Derek Sturman, James Albright, Jonny Luther, Gabe Sampson, Ruth Everett, RiLee White, Andy Stevenson, Jared Gheen, Rose Graham, and Julie Crandall. They were awarded tickets to "Divergent" and $500.

Congratulations to our talented filmmakers at ALC!

Story & Pictures by Brandon Arnold