March 2021

ALC Code of Awesomeness

Submitted by amy.ewell on Wed, 03/31/2021 - 15:40

Thanks to our awesome CAPS student, Max Tripp, for putting some great design behind our ALC Code of Awesomeness. We love the ALC and so do our students!

ALC/CAPS Code of Awesomeness


dare to dream big 

am confident & humble

Ronda Hair

Law Class Was Murder At The ALC!

Submitted by amy.ewell on Tue, 03/23/2021 - 20:58

Mrs. Ewell's Business Law class participated in a giant game of Clue today at the ALC.  Students could be seen around the ALC writing down all the evidence and clues they could find. 

Students in Business Law learn about everything from the origins of the law, criminal law and civil law throughout the semester.  As part of the criminal law section, and in preparation for an upcoming quiz, Mrs. Ewell has students and ALC faculty take on the role of a suspect or assailant in a murder.  Students must roam the building finding clues, identifying alibis and learning vocabulary terms to eventually accuse someone of murder. 

What's White, Brown and Green All Over?

Submitted by amy.ewell on Mon, 03/22/2021 - 10:54

What's White, Brown and Green All Over?

The new plants at the ALC!

Did you know that having plants in the classroom and learning environment can boost test scores, reduce sick leave hours, increase creativity and improve mental wellbeing? #PlantsDoThat

“When plants are around, students are just smarter and pay more attention,” says Dr. Charles Hall, Ellison Chair, Texas A&M.


Submitted by shelley.heaton on Tue, 03/16/2021 - 12:53

The ALC needs you! Join our robotics team and compete for Nebo School District.
Hey you! Yes, YOU!
If you're a 9th through 12th Grader in Nebo School District with a passion for STEM and CTE-related activities, you are eligible to join the ALC Robotics team!

Shelley Heaton. Amy Ewell

CAPs Architecture Class is Doing Amazing Things

Submitted by shelley.heaton on Mon, 03/15/2021 - 11:04

In Architecture CAPs,  they have had the amazing opportunity to work with architects such as Wes Christensen and John Shepherd on different projects.

Some of the projects this year include a Roxberry Juice building and restrooms for Salem Hills High School tennis courts. They have also had the opportunity as a class to dive in a little deeper on how to create technical drawings when they produced documents for a Warehouse.

To finish off the year, they will be consulting clients to design several different residential projects!

Shelley Heaton. Adriane Wilson


Submitted by shelley.heaton on Thu, 03/11/2021 - 11:47

One of the programs that we have at the ALC is our Educators Rising Club. It is a club for students interested in becoming teachers. They have a monthly activity after school focused on exploring a career in teaching, assisting teachers in the classroom, and learning fun, interactive ways to teach.

For the February activity, they made hot chocolate bomb gifts for classroom teachers and a bubble Valentine for each of their students. They had a lot of fun and were pleased with the excitement these gifts created in the schools.

Shelley Heaton. Amy Ewell


Submitted by shelley.heaton on Thu, 03/11/2021 - 11:28

For those of you that missed the early story about the new exciting program the ALC just started, the ALC now has REPAIRWARE. 

REPAIRWARE is housed here. Mr. Talbot's advanced students will be running this repair shop.

Some of the things that will be available for repair are: Desktops/Upgrades

Laptops/ Upgrades, Chromebook Repairs,  and Tablet/Phone repairs.

They are located here at the ALC in room 164 and the hours are 11:45-1:40 Monday- Friday

There is a $25 Service Fee and they take cash or credit cards.

Shelley Heaton. Amy Ewell


Submitted by shelley.heaton on Thu, 03/04/2021 - 10:17

 If you want to build some amazing things, you'll definitely want to check out Mr. Hawks's construction courses. 

In Carpentry 1 (UVU CMGT 1190, CMGT 1220) students will participate in the layout, building, and coordination of residential construction using hand and power tools.

This course includes instruction/work in common systems of framing, construction materials, estimating, blueprint reading, concrete placing, finish work, and many others.

Shelley Heaton. Tom Hawk